Technical Support

If you need assistance with your Laser, IPL or Electrolysis system, please contact us using the below form link below. 


Support requests are normally handled within 4-6 hours. 

You may also refer to the video instruction guides separated by chapters and downloadable PDF instructions at the bottom of this page.

 Support Request Form


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Instruction Material Archives, 1999-2022

IPL350 Series

IPL350-HR  IPL350-HPG  IPL350-NF  IPL350-PRJ   IPL350-RSC IPL350-SCR  IPL350-TNG  IPL350-TT  IPL350-VSC  IPL350-WRK  IPL350-ACN


2012-2019 DM Laser Systems

DM2050  Download  DM4050  Download  DM6050  Download  DM9050  Download


2006-2010 DM Laser Systems

DM2000  Download  DM4000  Download  DM5000  Download


2006-2012 SDL Laser Systems

SDL15  Download  SDL30  Download  SDL50  Download  SDL80  Download  SDL100  Download


2006-2012 IPL Systems

IPL300 Download  IPL600 Download  IPL800 Download  SPL300 Download  SPL600 Download SPL800  Download  SPL800-EC/N Download


2006-2022 SDPL Standard

Main unit Download  DM Module Download  Pulsed Light Module Download


2005-2022 SDPL Deluxe

Main unit Download  Pulsed Light Module Download


2001-2006, Discontinued Models

IPL280 Download  IPL320 Download  IPL360 Download  IPL800D Download  LD15K Download  LD30K Download  LD50K Download  LD80K Download  SDL15C Download  SDL30C Download  SDL60C Download  SDL90C Download


IPL Instruction Videos Units

SPL Chapter 1, Introduction    SPL Chapter 2, Equipment Orientation   SPL Chapter 3, Treatment Procedure    SPL Chapter 4, Post Treatment    SPL Chapter 5, Equipment Maintenance    Trouble Shooting    SPL Instructions Complete


Laser Instruction Videos SDL Units

Laser Epilation Chapter 1, Introduction    Laser Epilation Chapter 2, Equipment Orientation    Laser Epilation Chapter 3, Treatment    Laser Epilation Chapter 4, Post Treatment    Laser Epilation Chapter 5, Equipment Maintenance    Laser Epilation Chapter 6, FAQ's    Laser Epilation Instructions Complete


Other Videos (LD & IPL Equipment)

Introduction    Chapter 1: Clinical Studies    Chapter 2: Equipment Orientation    Laser Epilation Chapter 4 Post Treatment    Laser Epilation Chapter 3 Client Preparation    Laser Epilation Chapter 5 Troubleshooting    IPL hair removal instructions and demonstration