How to Become a Reseller

Becoming an authorized reseller of Avance Beauty equipment is very easy.  Simply fill out the form below and a free re-seller kit will be sent to you by e-mail.  As the representative and importer of Avance Beauty products from North America and Europe, in combination with our own specialized cosmetology product line, Avance Beauty Corporation welcomes individuals and businesses to become resellers of our outstanding products.

Authorized Reseller:  A Avance Beauty Authorized Reseller is any business that wishes to profit from sales directly to consumers or end users.  Authorized Resellers can be: Retail stores, therapists, physicians, practitioners of any kind or and individual with a desire to sell.  Any company or individual that sells products and services to individuals whether they be a brick and mortar type business or not.  Application for Authorized Reseller status includes providing us with some basic business and contact information. Please fill out our online contact form first and we will get back to you and send you the application form.

Your distributor kit includes:   Volume discount price sheet, distributor contract with trademark/copyrighted material licensing approval, product descriptions and an informative business strategy letter.

--Tips for effective eBay auctions.

--Internet marketing.

--How to schedule equipment demonstrations at salons in your area.

--Building a strong client base

--And More!

To be eligible for wholesale pricing you must meet the following criteria:

1.  Minimum purchase is 4 units (one case) of a single item.

2. Preliminary purchase order must be remitted by bank wire.  Subsequent purchase orders may be done on net 30 terms.

3.  Net 30 terms are available only to those firms who are rated by Dunn and Bradstreet.  All other buyers are subject to cash and carry invoice by bank wire or certified bank check.

4.  Manufacturer does not buy back overstock.

5. Reseller cannot advertise (either by way of internet, printed material, ebay, etc.) pricing below minimum suggested retail as outlined in the wholesale pricing sheet, however, they may sell for prices below minimum suggested retail at their sole discretion.


This is one of the best business opportunities available anywhere.  The demand for beauty treatment equipment is growing at a very high rate.  In a recent study it was found that only 1 of 10 salons in the world offer cosmetic treatments such as electrolysis, laser epilation, and galvanic face lifts when 90% of their clients are interested in these services.  In the US alone, there are more than 300,000 beauty salons in operation.  That gives you 270,000 prospects, in just one country!

Why is Avance Beauty the industry leader?  A simple formula, really.  Provide the highest quality equipment on the market combined with the highest degree of performance and reliability, at the best possible price.  You will not find a better line of cosmetology equipment anywhere.

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