IPL Video Demonstration

The Bio Avance Line of IPL E-Light Systems are the very best value in a professional-use IPL system available anywhere.  An impressive 20-50 Joules per cm2/pulse-240 Jcm2/second of energy density (fluence) with a 15mm spot size makes it one of the most powerful systems you can buy. 

IPL750, 850 and 950 Equipment Demonstration Video Download Thumbnail

These IPLs can deliver rapid sequential pulses due to revolutionary technology which does not use a capacitor driven emitter. Other manufacturers are limited by what is known as 'capacitor recharge delay' which means their machines can only pulse once every 1-2 seconds. Our unit can pulse 7 times per second, indefinitely. This means you can complete your treatments much faster (in a fraction of the time as our competitors).

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