IPL-750LS E-Light Flux Professional System



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There's no comparison, The IPL-750LS E-Light is the best performing IPL system available anywhere.  A stunning 50.4 Joules per cm2/pulse and 300 Jcm2/second of energy density (fluence) combined with a 15mm spot size makes it the most versatile desktop machine you can buy.  Large enough to efficiently treat legs but small enough to be used on facial areas with precision.  

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Permanently disables unwanted hair follicles by over 85% in 3-5 treatments with rapid fire 7 pulses per second frequency.   Superior results achieved for: photorejuvenation, vein reduction, tattoo removal and more.

90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty

The IPL-750LS E-Light represents a milestone in the photodynamic treatment industry (the use of lasers and intense pulsed lights for treatment of various skin conditions and is the only system a professional cosmetologist will ever need).  Put it to work at your salon or establishment today.

More power than the competition and better technology.  The incorporation of High Frequency (HF) energy with the IPL emission (known as 'E Light Flux') results in performance that is unparalleled.  Permanent hair and tattoo removal can be safely achieved in less than half the total treatment hours as compared to regular laser or IPL procedures. 

The E Light Flux feature may be disabled at the flip of a switch to deliver a more comfortable treatment to those clients who request it (only increasing the total overall time invested in the procedure, not decreasing the effectiveness).  The treatment can be ultra-aggressive or gentle with the convenient controls on the instrument panel.  For high powered E Light/IPL Flux treatments (deep collagen stimulation, scar/stretch mark reduction) the use of a 3.5% topical desensitizing lidocaine gel is encouraged (which is included in the kit) or 5 minutes of ice pack application to the desired area before treating.

Although this system can produce 300 Jcm2/second you will only need 180-220 Jcm2/second for permanent hair and tattoo reduction (which can easily be selected with your intensity setting knob).  Higher fluence delivery should be limited to advanced photodynamic dermatological treatment procedures.

IPL Eyewear Warning Notice

This setup is outstanding for facial, bikini, leg, body hair removal and more.

15mm Spot Size, Power:  300 Jcm2/second max fluence, IPL Type:  High Output QCW HB Diode.  Treatment Time for Dense Moustache Removal: 3 minutes.  No license or prescription is require to buy or use this machine.

Kit Comes With: IPL module, IPL Driver Unit, 2 quantity of IPL protection eyewear, 50ml carbon dye gel, 50ml of 3.5% pre-treatment gel, 50ml of anti-androgen post treatment gel, tweezers and instructions.

IPL is Also Approved For:  Spider - Varicose Vein Reduction, Skin Toning, Body Sculpting, Photo Rejuvenation, Hyper Pigment - Age Spot Removal, Tattoo Removal, Wrinkle Reduction, Scar - Stretch Mark Reduction, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Blemish (mole, wart, skin tag) Removal, Nail Fungus Treatment and More.  These treatment options are covered in literature sent with the system.

IPL750-LS Replacement and Filtering IPL750-LS Replacement and Filtering TipsTips:  We provide a wide selection of wavelength specific IPL emitter tips for various Dermatology and Beauty treatment procedures.  From acne treatments to vein reduction.  Tips are easily replaceable (takes less than 2 minutes) and they are rated for over 250,000 pulses.  $49.95 each

IPL Filtering Gels:  We provide a wide selection of wavelength specific cooling and coupling gels for advanced dermatology and beauty treatment procedures.  From acne treatments to vein reduction. $18.95 each

Warranty Information:  To the original purchaser, the above item will arrive without damage or defect in material or workmanship. Should your system arrive damaged or in otherwise incomplete/unacceptable condition please refer to the warranty repair card in your instruction packet to expedite the return. 

Guaranteed Utility Compatibility.  110-240 Volts.  All kits are sent with corresponding input voltage, hertz and plug style for the country of destination.

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