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Laser and IPL Equipment packages for every need and budget!

2018 Model IPL7000 Photoepilation System

We are pleased to introduce revolutionary new technology in the delivery of high intensity light for skin conditioning, dermatological treatment, hair removal, and tattoo fading.

The totally new IPL7000 represents a paradigm shift in hair removal system technology. Incorporating design elements of both traditional diode laser and intense pulsed light systems with a revolutionary high intensity LED, this system is extremely compact, durable, and effective. The IPL7000 is suitable for both salon and personal use.

The light source for our new IPL line is neither a bulb (which has a limited life expectancy and significant replacement cost) nor a laser (which requires careful positioning to achieve proper focus).  The IPL7000 uses a new generation Ultra High Intensity Light Emitting Diode which will last for over 5 million pulses (about 7 years of daily use at an average salon).

The system is built to last, with sturdy metal chassis and a hand piece crafted of machined stainless steel and high strength resin casting.

This setup is outstanding for eyebrow contouring, facial hair removal and more.

10mm Spot Size, Power:  130 Jcm2/second max fluence, IPL Type:  High Output CW Diode.  Treatment Time for Dense Moustache Removal: 12 minutes.

Kit Comes With:  IPL module, IPL Driver Unit, 1 quantity of IPL protection eyewear, 50ml carbon dye gel, 50ml of 3.5% lidocaine pre-treatment gel, 50ml of anti-androgen post treatment gel, tweezers and instructions.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Price: $799.95 + Shipping


Warranty Information:  To the original purchaser, the above item will arrive without damage or defect in material or workmanship.  This warranty shall extend for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery. Should your system arrive damaged or in otherwise incomplete/unacceptable condition please refer to the warranty repair card in your instruction packet to expedite the return.

Guaranteed Utility System Compatibility.  110-240 Volts.  All kits are sent with corresponding input voltage, hertz, and plug styles for the country of destination. If you have special requirements please make a note of it in the checkout text area or send us an email to

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